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Understanding online Fun88 poker speed
One of the biggest and most important things in online 
Fun88 poker is the betting speed. I had to think long and hard about giving up this little secret because it was very beneficial to me. Many online players will actually give the hand either before or after the defeat at the rate they bet. Fun88


I first noticed how important this aspect of 
Fun88 poker was while playing the short game with a few friends. I was on the button with a dominant hand for the short hand draw, AJ, fun88 when I decided to lift. The small blind folded, but the big blind immediately called me. Fun88 

I was immediately suspicious of his quick call, but I beat out an ace and made my bet. He immediately called back. It was my turn to check, and he waited a long time before placing the bet at Fun88. I made a big bet on him in the first leg and made a bet on two pairs. Although I have played very well, I have doubts about his betting speed. fun88 I checked the river and he made a big bet again. fun88 I immediately called him when I learned that I was defeated, but just couldn't get rid of a pair of two. He flipped through the trump cards.

Reading people is like solving a puzzle. You want to gather as much information of 
Fun88 games as possible before making your final decision. In the aforementioned situation, the player provided me with three valuable information that I could use to fold. First, he called me quickly before he failed. Second, he immediately called me back on the flop. Third, and most importantly, he waited a while before making the big bet.

It's understandable to play
Fun88 cards the way I did, but my beats can be easily avoided if I trust my instincts. Now I know how important speed is and use it every day to my advantage at Fun88.

Here are some of my guidelines for reading a competitor's hand based on their bet speed at

1. Quick Check = Weakness

2. Wait Then Bets = Strength

3. Quick Bets = Weakness ( try to show your strength)

4. Call now = Strength

Remember, strategies at
Fun88 are never wrong. You just want to use them to make about 25% to 50% of your final decision. You should consider the player's level and how he plays on your table. Use all the information of Fun88 games you have to complete as many puzzles as possible about the players and you will bring their money to the bank. Fun88